Saying Farewell to Glee: Top 5/10 Rachel Berry Songs/Performances


As Glee, its cast and fans prepare to say goodbye to the show; the show bows out with its final swan song tonight;(20th March) (an episode reference there for those that missed it, ha!) I have had time to reflect on all my favourite performances over the past six years. Who can believe how fast the time has gone?! Truth is, Glee has played an important part in many peoples’ lives. The show can be thanked for forming friendships across the globe, making a massive impact on pop culture and of course taking up MBs in people’s iTunes libraries.  Continue reading


25 Songs I Would Like To See Covered In The Final Season Of Glee!!!




Ok, so I tend to do one of these after each season has finish, in preparation for the season ahead. I know it’s unlikely any of these will actually be covered seeing as Glee won’t be having a full 22-episode season this year (technically next year), however I just wanted to see for myself how many songs there are that I still want them to cover. Over the past five seasons the show has covered over 600+ songs, but there are still songs I would love to see them cover. Below is a list of 25 songs (with accompanying videos of the original) I would like to see Glee cover (with who I think should sing them, also) Enjoy! Also, feel free to comment with songs you would like to see the cast cover 🙂 Continue reading

Lea Michele Debuts ‘Cannonball’ Music Video!

It’s only been 19 hours since the video was posted on YouTube, but already Glee’s Lea Michele has over 500,000 views on the site. This is a pretty big number considering she’s known more for her acting rather than her solo signing career. Much like the song, the video works as a great interpretation of the lyrics by starting off in a gloomy room and then Lea really comes in to her own showing she’s rising – displayed by the beautifully bright colours.

She really deserves this and hopefully it won’t be too long until she reaches the 1 million mark!

Lea Michele Debuts Her Single ‘Cannonball’ On Ellen!

After having watched her interview on Ellen, then watching this performance, I firmly believe Lea Michele is one of the best role models out there. Everything she talked about was so real, you could tell it was coming from the heart; she’s such a strong woman! In her first performance of ‘Cannonball’, Lea looked up at the end, held her heart and smiled – this was so sincere, she knew Cory would be looking down on her ❤

First Glimpse Of ‘Pamela Lansbury’ Performing On Glee!

First Glimpse Of 'Pamela Lansbury' Performing In Glee!

In 5×04 ‘A Katy or A Gaga’, Kurt Hummel formed a band with Dani (Demi Lovato), Santana (Naya Rivera), an enthusiastic Elliott/Starchild (Adam Lambert) and a reluctant Rachel (Lea Michele). It now seems like it’ll be a few episodes before we get to see the supergroup performing in front of an audience…don’t they look cute though?! I bet it was Kurt’s idea to colour coordinate the outfits too!

We’ll see ‘Pamela Lansbury’ performing in Glee, 5×07 ‘Puppet Master’

Lea Michele Dedicates Award To Late Boyfriend and Co-Star, Cory Monteith, On Last Night’s TCAs.


Last night I stayed up to watch the Teen Choice Awards (which aired at 1am in the UK). Darren Criss who was co-hosting the awards alongside Pretty Little Liars actress, Lucy Hale, confirmed that the Glee cast would be attending the awards after the tragic death of co-star, Cory Monteith. Glee did win their TCA, with Amber Riley (who plays Mercedes Jones on the show) dedicating the award to Cory, saying that he was ‘like a brother’ to them. There was no sign of Monteith’s both on and off-screen lover, Lea Michele, despite it being rumoured she was attending. So most people thought that, understandably she decided to give the event a miss, with it being only four weeks since Cory’s tragic passing.

However, Lily Collins and Max Greenfield who were presenting, then announced the winner for actress comedy was…Lea Michele. And, out of nowhere, Lea appeared from the side of the stage to accept her award. Pretty in pink, Lea took to the podium to make her acceptance speech. Glee-club originals: Kevin, Jenna and Amber, stayed on-stage to support Lea.

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Quick Reminder: Vote Lea Michele TCA’s August 2013

Just a reminder to everyone, the Teen Choice Awards are still open for voting. Vote Lea Michele for Actress Comedy and Candie Style Icon. I know it won’t mean much in comparison to the hurt and pain she’s going through, but it will still show we care. After all, I would vote Lea to win in both these categories anyway, I just want more people to vote daily – she deserves this, she really does!