Saying Farewell to Glee: Top 5 Santana Lopez Songs/Performances

Santana Glee

I can’t believe the end of Glee come round so quick. It has gotten to the point where some episodes were considered ‘fillers’ or were just plain stupid ‘The Hurt Locker Pt 1 & 2’ I’m looking at you, however, I am very sad that it’s ending. Like most fans, I grew up with the show during my teenage years, anything that reminds you of how far you have come instantly makes hits a soft spot. I will miss the stories – some of which were ground-breaking and very touching, I will of course miss the characters, but the thing I’m finding hardest to cope with is the fact that no more songs will be covered. My iPod is full of songs performed on the show. I’m not sure if I’m in the minority here, but I find that 90% of the time Glee did a better cover than the original.

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25 Songs I Would Like To See Covered In The Final Season Of Glee!!!




Ok, so I tend to do one of these after each season has finish, in preparation for the season ahead. I know it’s unlikely any of these will actually be covered seeing as Glee won’t be having a full 22-episode season this year (technically next year), however I just wanted to see for myself how many songs there are that I still want them to cover. Over the past five seasons the show has covered over 600+ songs, but there are still songs I would love to see them cover. Below is a list of 25 songs (with accompanying videos of the original) I would like to see Glee cover (with who I think should sing them, also) Enjoy! Also, feel free to comment with songs you would like to see the cast cover 🙂 Continue reading

First Glimpse Of ‘Pamela Lansbury’ Performing On Glee!

First Glimpse Of 'Pamela Lansbury' Performing In Glee!

In 5×04 ‘A Katy or A Gaga’, Kurt Hummel formed a band with Dani (Demi Lovato), Santana (Naya Rivera), an enthusiastic Elliott/Starchild (Adam Lambert) and a reluctant Rachel (Lea Michele). It now seems like it’ll be a few episodes before we get to see the supergroup performing in front of an audience…don’t they look cute though?! I bet it was Kurt’s idea to colour coordinate the outfits too!

We’ll see ‘Pamela Lansbury’ performing in Glee, 5×07 ‘Puppet Master’

Who should host SNL next season?

SNL has been going for a good 30+ years now, so I can imagine it’s hard to find new people to host the show that is so popular. Many celebrities have hosted numerous times (SNL veteran Kristen Wiig has to be my favourite). Question is, who should host next?

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