The Mentalist: 6×08 Promo, ‘Red John’ Unmasked! (Spoilers!)







This Sunday (24th November), Patrick Jane will finally come face to face with his nemesis; Red John.

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The Mentalist; 6×08 ‘Red John’ Promo Photos!!!

It’s not long until the most important episode of The Mentalist airs. As stated in the title of the episode; ‘Red John’ will be the unmasking of the serial killer, as Jane goes head to head with the red-faced man after over six years of mind games and torture. Luckily, photos (click to enlarge) from the much-anticipated eighth episode have surfaced online (don’t worry, no real spoilers here).  Continue reading

The Mentalist 6×07 ‘The Great Red Dragon’ Promo

I’m aware that CBS decided to push this week’s episode of The Mentalist back a week due to the football. So if you haven’t seen the episode, it’s a good idea to resist watching this as there ARE some SPOILERS from what happened in 6×06 ‘Fire and Brimstone’.

You may ask why I’ve uploaded it; firstly, the episode due to air in CBS had already on CTV in Canada, also, some annoyed American’s might have decided to watch the episode online and also be up-to-date with what’s currently going on.

However, I am happy to have this promo, I’m just not quite sure why CBS have released the promo, seeing as they haven’t aired the episode previous? Strange.

The Mentalist Season 6 Premiere: ‘The Desert Rose’ Leaves Fans Stunned! (SPOILERS!)


Did you see that crazy ending of The Mentalist last night?!

We were promised by series creator, Bruno Heller, that the identity of Red John would be revealed in the first half of season 6 of the show. We were also promised that the season premiere would be a corker…and boy it was.

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