Saying Farewell to Glee: Top 5/10 Rachel Berry Songs/Performances


As Glee, its cast and fans prepare to say goodbye to the show; the show bows out with its final swan song tonight;(20th March) (an episode reference there for those that missed it, ha!) I have had time to reflect on all my favourite performances over the past six years. Who can believe how fast the time has gone?! Truth is, Glee has played an important part in many peoples’ lives. The show can be thanked for forming friendships across the globe, making a massive impact on pop culture and of course taking up MBs in people’s iTunes libraries.  Continue reading


Vote For The Songs To Be Featured In Glee’s 100th Episode!!!


Gleeks! Who can believe Glee will soon be filming its 100th episode?! We know they already passed their 500th musical number in season 4 and are due to surpass the 600th mark after episode 9 of this season. 

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Adam Lambert Joins ‘Glee’: 5 Potential Roles He Could Play!

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Alright, so no details as of yet have been revealed as to whether Lambert will be a fully-fledged cast member or whether he’ll have a guest stint similar to the role SJP and Kate Hudson played last season.

Show co-creator, Ryan Murphy tweeted: ‘I am thrilled to announced that the super-talented Adam Lambert is joining the cast’.

With no further details being released, the news has left Gleeks wondering what part Lambert will play and how long he’ll be staying as the FOX hit musical approaches its fifth season.

I have come up with five potential roles I could see Adam Lambert playing, after all it’s not as if he’s new to TV, first off he was runner-up in the 2009 series of American Idol and then starred as himself in the Halloween episode of the popular ABCFamily show, Pretty Little LiarsI picture him being in the NY side, but I will provide suggestions for both McKinley and New York.

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